About Us

Bestheatersguide.com was founded with the sole goal of making it a one-stop destination for all water heater queries. Its founder Emma Johnson saw that information on the water heaters is scattered around the internet upon various sites.

But sadly, there is no single site that can resolve all the people’s doubts and queries. It is to such an extent that many people give up on upgrading their living standards. Most of the time, due to fear of the unknowns and uncertainties.

Therefore, most people tend to follow their friends and family’s recommendation which may or may not fulfill their needs. Still, people are susceptible to run into problems as they are not familiar with the latest stuff.

Emma thought that it would be amazing if there was a site that could answer all the people’s queries on water heaters and help them make well-informed decisions.

On Bestheaterguide.com, you can get both informational and review articles on Water Heaters. These articles will boost your knowledge as well help you compare your need with the various tankless water heater to decide what tankless water heater suit you the best.