Warm Morning Gas Heater troubleshooting: 8 Problems & Solutions

Warm Morning Gas Heater troubleshooting: 8 Problems & Solutions

Despite handling with care, Warm Morning Gas Heaters sometimes malfunction. And this can happen to various issues with the heater. However, you can handle some of them by troubleshooting at home!

So what are some Warm Morning Gas Heater troubleshooting?

The Warm Morning Gas Heater often faces problems due to dirty filters & pilot tips. So they need to be cleaned regularly. The low gas level & unadjusted flame can also cause problems. These need to be fixed following proper techniques. Damaged heating coils & thermocouples can cause problems too.

All these problems have proper solution methods. You will need more details to solve them. So keep scrolling to know it all!

Warm Morning Gas Heater Troubleshooting 

Different issues can restrict the performance of the Warm Morning Gas Heater. However, some of these issues can be identified and solved quickly.

Have a good look at this table to know them all. 

Problem Solution
Dirty Filter Clean The Filter
Dirty Pilot Blow Away The Dirt
Blocked Gas Supply Line Clear The Obstacles
Unadjusted Flame Adjust The Flame Using Screw
Damaged Heating Coil Replace The Coil
Pilot Tip Is Corroded Scrub with A Brush 
Damaged Thermocouple Replace The Thermocouple 
Sensor Issue Clean The Wire Connections 

Keep reading to know the detailed solutions to these problems.

Problem 1: Dirty Filter

The first thing to check while repairing the Warm Morning Heater is its air filtration system. The air filter plays a very important role in protecting the internal components of the heater from dust. However, it gets quite dirty while serving its purpose. 

The dirty filter can not do its work properly. The velocity of the air gets slowed down. Moreover, the quality of the air also declines dramatically. Sometimes, the Warm Gas heater can stop functioning completely due to a dirty filter. 

Accidents might happen from a dirty filter too. The heater can fail and cause fires if the gas filter is full of filth. Health hazards like asthma can happen too. The importance of a clean air filter is also presented in the Warm Morning Gas heater owner’s manual.


Clean air filter is necessary to get the heater’s best performance. Check the filter for dirt every month. Use a torch light and see if the light rays pass through it completely. If not, the filter is dirty and needs cleaning.

So, how to clean a Warm Morning Gas heater filter?

Well, cleaning the filter is quite easy. Follow the below-given steps to clean your Warm Morning Gas Heater’s filter.

  • First, turn off the heater and then keep it at rest for some time for cooling.
  • Take out the filter by unscrewing it from the gas heater. But remember to mark the direction of air on the heater.
  • Wash the filter to remove all the dust.
  • Dry the filter properly and reinstall it in the right direction of the airflow.

You can easily make the filters of your Warm Morning heater dust free by following the above steps.

Problem 2: Dirty Pilot

The pilot of the heater plays a significant role in keeping it functional. But that is only possible when the pilon is neat and clean. 

The pilot stays on all the time to stop the escape of the gas. So, it is common for the pilot orifice to get dirty over time. 

Despite knowing how to light a Warm Morning Gas heater, you will fail to light a dirty pilot. Because the dirt in the pilot can turn off the heater flame. Below I have discussed the method of cleaning the pilot. 


You will need an electronic cleaner for cleaning the pilot of your heater. Turn off the pilot of your Warm Morning Gas Heater at first to ensure safety. Then use the cleaner to blow away the dirt. Once it is clean, turn on the pilot again. Now the pilot will work fine.

Problem 3: BLocked Gas Supply Line

The driving power of the Warm Morning Heater comes from the supplied gas. The heater will not perform well if the gas level is low. You will find more details about the right gas level in the Warm Morning Gas Heater heater instructions book.

The gas level can get low for various reasons. However, the most common possibility is that the main gas line supplying the gas is blocked. Then the flames will not get enough gas to light. Sometimes, a gas smell from the control valve of the heater comes out due to this issue.  


You have to clear the main line first. So unplug it from the Warm heater and blast it using compressed air. This will remove any blockage in the pipe. Also, check the gas level. If the gas level is below the necessary level, refuel it.

Problem 4: Unadjusted Flame

Unadjusted Flame

Source: broadleys.net

If the flame is unadjusted, the pilot light will flicker and faint. So it is very important to adjust it properly. Unadjusted flame can also cause wrong temperature settings. 

Then the thermocouple will get the wrong signals and the function of the heater will be obstructed. Moreover, the Warm Heater pilot light won’t stay lit on the gas heater due to this issue.


The flame of the Warm Gas heater can be adjusted according to need. A dedicated screw is given to control the flame. Find the Adjusting Knob or Screw on your Warm Morning Gas Heater. It should be easy to locate.

Then rotate the screw to adjust the flame. The pilot light will be blue if the flame is adjusted properly. Or else, it will have a blue color.

Problem 5: Damaged Heating Coil

Sometimes the Warm Gas heater doesn’t work despite all its components being functional. This indicates that the problem is in the heating coil of the heater. Another indication of the heating coil issue is the sudden shutdown of the heater.

The heating coil issue can be identified easily using an electrical tester. Use the Warm Morning Gas heater manual to find the position of the coil.


If the Warm heater still has a warranty, the manufacturers will repair the coil for you. And if it is out of warranty, you will have to change the component. 

Take the Warm heater to a certified professional for changing the coil as the work is quite complex. The cost of fixing the heater will be around $1000.

Problem 6: Pilot Tip Is Corroded 

The pilot tip of the heater Warm Morning Gas heater is made from metal. So it can get corroded after coming in contact with open air. Sometimes it also gets corroded with soot and other dirt substances. 

Then the tip hampers the supply of gas in the heater. As a result, the gas heater malfunctions and does not light the flame properly. 


A simple toothbrush is enough to clean the corroded tip. Just scrub the top of the pilot tip properly. Then it will get cleaned and the gas supply will become normal. 

Problem 7: Damaged Thermocouple

Damaged Thermocouple

Source: researchgate.net


The function of gas heaters hugely depends on the temperature of the surroundings. And this temperature is measured by a  thermocouple. It works like a switch.  So a damaged Warm Gas heater thermocouple will cause issues in its performance.

The thermocouple will malfunction if the dust covers its body. Also clogs in the vent holes can prevent the thermocouple from working. The most common symptom of a damaged thermocouple is an irregular pilot light. 


Clean the thermocouple with a soft cloth first. Then turn on the pilot and see if it works. If it doesn’t work, the thermocouple needs to be replaced. Let’s see the estimated cost, required instruments, and procedures for changing the thermocouple. 

Estimated Cost:

The cost of changing the thermocouple will cost around $10 to $20. This is only the cost of the thermocouple. 

Required Instruments: 

Gather these tools before starting your work!


  • Turn off the heater and let it cool for at least 30 minutes.
  • Open the cover of the heater using the screwdriver. 
  • You will find the old damaged thermocouple under the cover. Remove it carefully by unscrewing the nuts. The nuts are usually situated near the burner point.
  • Now install the new thermocouple in place of the old one. Make sure to tighten the nuts properly. But do not overtighten it.
  • Now connect the gas line and fix it properly. Reassemble the cover. And your work is done!

Follow the above procedures properly to change the thermocouple without any hassle. Be careful with the wiring because it is as sensitive as the wiring of a 240-volt heater.

Problem 8: Sensor Button Issue

The Warm Morning Gas heater comes with a sensor button on the back of the heater. This sensor can turn off the heater if there is any issue with the gas supply. 

If there is a blockage in the supply pipe, the sensor will turn off the heater. It will react in the same way for dirty wire connections.


Check if the problem is with the sensors by bypassing the sensor. Disconnect the two wires in the sensor and connect them directly. 

If you are confused, take help from an electrician. If the problem is with the sensor, clean the wire connections. This should solve the problem.

These are the solutions for the most common issues with the Warm Morning Gas Heater. I will provide some tips to use this heater more successfully in the next section.

Some Useful Tips on Using The Warm Morning Gas Heater 

I will give you some suggestions on the techniques for using the Warm Morning heater. You will be able to avoid issues like the kerosene smell from propane heaters and many others by following these tips. So check them out!

  • Always follow the manual of the heater. Because the heater manual contains all the necessary information just like the Warm Morning Gas stove manual
  • Ensure enough airflow in your gas heater. Air must pass quickly for the safety of the heater. 
  • Clean the heater every month. This will save you from lots of serious issues involving dust and corrosion. 
  • Get your Warm Morning Gas Heater checked every year to avoid potential dangers.
  • Do not bring flammable materials near the gas heater.

Follow these instructions to keep you and your heater safe and efficient. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

How do you manually reset a heater?

You can manually reset a heater by turning off its main power switch. If your heater does not have a switch, turn off the main power supply. Then wait for about thirty seconds. Turn on the switch of the heater or power supply again after this time. And your heater has been reset manually. 

Why is my gas heater not working properly?

Your gas heater is not working properly because of an inadequate air supply. Clogged air vents and filters prevent sufficient airflow. These components are usually clogged by dirt formation inside them. Clean the vents and filters to ensure enough flow of air and the heater will work properly. 

Should the pilot light always be on in a gas wall heater?

Yes, the pilot light should always be on in a gas wall heater if the heater is in use. The pilot light keeps moisture away from the heater. This helps greatly in preventing corrosion in the heater. However, turn off the pilot light if you do not use the gas wall heater for a long period.


This is all I can offer on Warm Morning Gas Heater troubleshooting. I have tried my best to provide solutions to the major problems of this heater. 

Be very careful while troubleshooting your Warm gas heater. Don’t forget to take necessary precautions to avoid potential accidents.

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